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Alan is the seventh funniest!

Dave Television published their annual list of the ten funniest jokes at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe yesterday, and one of the jokes from Alan’s show Hate It With Me was listed in the number seven spot, on a list that included jokes from some of comedy’s biggest names, including Sarah Millican, Tim Vine, Andrew Lawrence and Mark Watson. Top spot on the list went to Nick Helm.

The joke in question, slightly misworded in Dave’s version, when performed by Alan is “I used to be in a band. We called ourselves Prevention because we wanted people to say we were better than The Cure.”

Says Alan, “I was quite surprised, but pleasantly so, to see myself on the list with such great names. It’s always been my favourite joke in my set. The downside is that it is appearing in all the papers now, so after the Fringe is over I’ll probably have to retire it as everyone will have heard it. Nonetheless, after finding out, it put a spring in my step for the rest of the day.”


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