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It’s Going to be Wizard in Oz

Alan has announced the dates he will be performing in Australia early next year. He will be performing his Edinburgh Fringe show, Careful What You Wish For, first at the Perth Fringe World festival in early February, and then at the Adelaide Fringe later that month. The details are as follows:

Perth Fringe World

Alan will be performing at the Leederville Hotel at 742 Newcastle Street in the heart of Perth’s bustling Leederville district, regarded as a centre of nightlife in the city. He will be performing the show for five nights on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th of February at 8.45pm. Tickets will cost A$16.

Adelaide Fringe

Alan will be performing at The Piglet performing space within the Gluttony venue in Rymill Park. This is close to the bustling Rundle Street, considered the heart of the Adelaide Fringe. The show will be performed from Feb 15th through to March 1st, every evening except Mondays at 10.30pm. Tickets range in price from A$5 (first night promotional deal) through to A$18.

This will be Alan’s first time performing in Australia, and the first time Careful What You Wish For has been performed outside the UK. He is in talks to have other performing opportunities while in the country, and more details will be posted soon.


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